Unique Gift

Surprise your friends or family with Stella Resort&Spa voucher

As expert gift-givers, we know that finding the perfect gift can be quite a hassle. We strive to deliver the best quality stay and creating longlasting memories, that’s why a gift voucher is a great gift.

We created stunning, elegant gift cards, a delicious meal in our restaurant and spa treatment.

It’s the perfect chance to charge your energy reserve in the picturesque town of chapowo. Stay for a while and benefit from the benevolent atmosphere of the area to regenerate both body and mind.

While staying feel free to enjoy treatments provided by our spa department. We would also like to extend an invitation to diner cooked by the head chef of our esteemed restaurant. Only one step separates you from that divine experience.

It may be that Chlapowo will enchant you so much that you will want to spend every free moment of your time? There is nothing more to do than coming here and finding out for yourself.

Restauracja Stella

Podaruj bliskim wyśmienitą kolację w Restauracji Stella w Chłapowie

Pobyt w Hotelu Stella

Podaruj bliskim wyjątkowy pobyt w Stella Resort & Spa w Chłapowie


Podaruj bliskim relaksujące zabiegi spa w Stella Resort w Chłapowie


Maszoperii 21 St.
84-120 Chłapowo

ph. +48 532 793 500

Ośrodek Wypoczynkowy Stella Restort & SPA to idealne miejsce dla wszystkich, którzy kochają Morze Bałtyckie, szeroką piaszczystą plażę, komfortowe wnętrza i normalną przyjazną atmosferę.

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