Stella’s Resort & Spa Terms and Conditions

1. The hotel day begins at 3 pm and ends at 11 am of the next day. Non-guest cannot stay within the hotel at any time.

2. There is a possibility of extending your stay with a prior agreement with an additional fee. 

Cost of every hour's new hour after 11 am cost 50pln per person.

3) Quiet hours.
We politely ask our gest to maintain a modicum of silence from 10 pm to 7 am. Staff is allowed to refuse further service to people who break this rule.

4) Monetary liability:
The guest is monetary liable for any damage to done to furniture, construction, etc on his behave. In the unfortunate event of losing the key-card, the guest is subject to paying 100pln for a new one. The guest should notify the host of any damage done to the facility immediately after it happens.(?) The host is not responsible for any of the guest's property such as vehicles, money or any valuables left by the guest in their respected rooms and or parking.

5) After booking a room the guest is required to make a monetary deposit that should cover 50% of the entirety of the cost of the stay. The deposit should be made at the time of two days of booking the room. The rest of the payment will be charged while checking-in. In the event of leaving before the booked date, for reasons beyond our control, the payment is not subject to refunds. Making the deposit is tantamount to agreeing to our Terms of Regulation.

6) Guest is not allowed to rent/sub rent the room to other people.

7) Smoking.
Due to your comfort and the comfort of our current and future guest smoking is prohibited on the premises of the resort. Balconies excluded. 

8) We reserve the right to refuse service to a guest who broke terms of regulation during a prior stay.

9) Stella Resort & Spa complies with EU General Data Protection Regulation and all that it entails. . .


Maszoperii 21 St.
84-120 Chłapowo

ph. +48 532 793 500

Ośrodek Wypoczynkowy Stella Restort & SPA to idealne miejsce dla wszystkich, którzy kochają Morze Bałtyckie, szeroką piaszczystą plażę, komfortowe wnętrza i normalną przyjazną atmosferę.

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